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Rethinking Subpoena Management: Strategies and Tools to Improve your Legal Process Operations


When Sheena Ferarri joined Blue Shield of California’s she noticed that their subpoena response process was very heavy on administration. They relied on spreadsheets to track incoming requests, postcards to acknowledge receipt, and snail-mail to send responses. Needless to say, the process hadn’t been updated in decades.

Historically, Subpoenas have not had much specific attention in the way of technology. We’re super excited to see new tools developed specifically for the space.Sheena Ferarri
Sr. Manager, Legal Ops, Blue Shield CA

One of her first goals is to transform the process using technology. First, she wants to get more efficient (and reduce data entry) by moving requests directly from her registered agent into a subpoena management system. Second, she’ll automate common tasks like corresponding with issuers using templates and workflows. Third, she’ll will reduce cost by replacing paper delivery with an online portal and start charging for the time it takes to prepare responses. And last, she’ll run better reports including trends over time.

Safari SOP is an online application specifically designed for companies like Sheena’s to manage the entire response lifecycle. Tom Melling, CEO of Safari, explained how the solution automates every step from intake to delivery and cost recovery. For example, he showed how quick and simple it is to deliver responses and recover costs. The company just selects a pre-configured recovery amount and then the system does the rest. It notifies the issuer, generates an invoice, collects payment via an online paywall, and then presents the documents for download.

We built workflows into Safari so that nothing gets missed… for example, in your activity log we track all of the things that have occurred on your response—from when the email notice was sent, when the credit card payment was made, when the portal was last accessed, and when receipt was confirmed.Tom Melling
CEO, Safari SOP


  • Feed all your requests (regardless of source) into one system. Then you can use assignment and routing rules to send them to the appropriate team or destination automatically.
  • Use templates to simplify and speed up document creation. Online systems can store your templates and populate the data for documents like acknowledgment of receipt, correspondence with issuers, response cover letters, declarations of no record, etc.
  • Deliver responses more quickly and cost-effectively with an online portal. This approach eliminates the cost and hassle of sending packages or saving to flash drives. Plus, it allows you to track activities like who and when responses were received.
  • Recover cost with no collections hassles using an online paywall. They will automate invoicing, credit card payment collection, and receipt generation for you.


Sheena Ferarri, Sr. Manager, Legal Ops, Blue Shield CA
Sheena is an experienced data-centric legal operations nerd. She thrives at finding, building, and administering cross-functional in-house operations solutions and processes at scale. Prior to Blue Shield of CA, she oversaw legal operations at Fitbit and SurveyMonkey.

Tom Melling, CEO, Safari SOP
Tom has devoted much of his professional career helping the legal profession bridge the geek-wonk divide. He was a founder and President of Serengeti, the world’s largest ebilling & matter management platform (acquired by Thomson Reuters). He recently formed Safari SOP with many from the original Serengeti team to help legal operators reduce risk, save time, and recover costs when responding to subpoenas and other SOP.


Resident Expert

Safari SOP

Safari is the industry's first cloud-based request management system. Streamline the work involved in receiving, reviewing, responding, and delivering routine subpoenas and other information requests all from one secure, online application.