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Legal Operators Magazine #4 2023 – Now Available

In this issue:

  • Katri Nousiainen on Market Developments, Ethics, Legal Design and Tech & AI, an interview, Editorial Dept.
  • Welcome Robin Zavacky Ponce, Colin McCarthy
  • Who Will Train Digital (Legal) Talent At Scale? Mark A. Cohen
  • The AI Act is coming – what’s in store? Arnoud Engelfriet
  • How To Approach “Full” Process Adoption in Legal Ops with No-code Workflow Automation & AI, Sagi Eliyahu
  • Basha Rubin Helps hundreds of in-house teams to find the right legal provider for their next project
  • Data Management and Legal Technology in Finland, an interview with Heikki Ilvessalo, Ari Kaplan
  • Video: A conversation between Humans and AI, The future of the legal profession, Georgia Vulcano (special thanks to M.A.Cohen)
  • Video: How To Achieve Process Adoption by Leveraging Workflow Automation and AI A discussion between Colin McCarthy, Rajan Gupta, and Sagi Eliyahu
  • The Legal Operators Tech Directory, Legal Ops Editorial Dept.
  • The Legal Operators Innovation Hub, Legal Ops Editorial Dept.


Read the magazine:
Read/Download the PDF of this new issue: Magazine lops 4 2023
Read/Download the PDF of this new issue (Spread – 2 pages): Magazine LOPS Spread 7

The online flipbook version will be available next week.

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