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Legal Operators Magazine #3 2023 – Now Available


In this issue, Legal Operators’ Dawn-Marie Vaughan speaks with Sagi Eliyahu, serial entrepreneur and founder of Tonkean about the evolution of no-code workflow automation technology and how it applies to the legal sector. Thought Leader Mark Cohen talks about learning from each other and Fostering Intergenerational Collaboration, and Legal Analyst Ari Kaplan interviews Vincent Liu of Level Legal about measuring the success of an e-Discovery project. Eve Vlemincx, Strategic Advisor, Advisory Council Member for Harvard Business Review and is a Course Facilitator at Stanford Graduate School of Business writes about The power of human skills, and we’ve asked our Legal Ops Chat GPT bot to tell us more about the Future of Legal Operations. And last but not least we present Colonel David M. Rozelle, Keynote Speaker at our upcoming Summit by the Sea and a truly inspirational icon if I might say so.

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