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Legal Operators Magazine #2 Now Available + Extra Special Tech Edition

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The second edition of Legal Operators is published. In this magazine, we have some excellent contributions written by: Cliff Dutton, Anne Grau and Fatima Hussain, Abdul Hakim Manattil, Mark A. Cohen, Lynn Reilly, and Richard G. Stock.

Next to this edition we also published our first Special: Legaltech Beyond the Myths. In this special Dutch Thought Leader and Tech Entrepreneur Arnoud Engelfriet shares his insights on the various myths and misconceptions around AI in the legal sector.

Content Legal Operators #2

Law Firm Staffing Models Drive Legal Costs by Cliff Dutton
Mandy Savoca On woman and Innovation, by Fatima Hussain and Anne Graue
The Legal Operations Tech Hub, Editorial dept.
Embedding the Culture of Technology and Innovation in the Legal Industry, by Abdul Hakim Manattil
“New Law?”: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, by Mark A. Cohen
Are Your Document Deliveries Arriving from the 20th Century? by Lynn Reilly
The Director of Legal Operations, by Richard G. Stock
Legal Operators Webinar Podcast Series, Editorial dept.
Justice Bid, Company in the Picture, Editorial dept.
The Legal Operations Innovation Hub
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The magazine is available in an online reader version (Flipbook) Legal Operators Magazine 02 and as a PDF download

Read the Special edition Legaltech Beyond the Myths Online or download the PDF

Content Special:

The Artificial Intelligence revolution
The focus on accuracy
How can robots read?
Are robots taking over our jobs?
How do robots handle legal practice?
How will AI transform the nature of legal work?


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