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Legal Operators Magazine #2 2023 – Now Available


In this issue, Maria Parker talks about the impact of interpersonal trauma within the work environment. She understands that in the demanding world of legal professionals, the weight of trauma can be an unseen burden that can affect well-being. Mark Cohen contributes an excellent piece on Career Diversification, why it matters, and where to look for guidance. The female impact on innovation is described by Anne Grau and Fatima Hussain, and Peter Connor talks about a new vision for corporate lawyers, and in particular the T-Shaped Lawyer, and shares all of this in his new book that is available for the readers of this magazine. Industry Analyst Ari Kaplan speaks with Greg Coates and Kennan Samman about using generative AI to provide greater client value, and Jeff Kruse takes you on his journey from lawyer to legal operations expert. And last but not least we asked our own ChatGPT to write an article about the differences between the business of law & Legal Operations, CLO & GC, and Lawyers & in-house lawyers.

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