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4 Forces Impacting the Future of Legal Operations

Greg Kaple, Head of Legal Operations at Kaiser Permanente discusses 4 Forces Impacting Legal Operations (1) How legal departments can do more with less including project intake and setting expectations, (2) New Market entrants and ASLPs, (3) Addressing Problems through People, Process and Technology, and (4) Covid-19 and how to handle crises such as these.

Resident Expert

LeGuard, Inc.

LeGuard is a unique transparency technology that gives in-house and legal service providers LIVE visibility into activities and spend - as they occur. A legal spend management and bill review tool, LeGuard allows corporate legal departments to see all of their legal service providers' work and corresponding cost as it is accruing for accurate financial reporting and better decision making on their matters. LeGuard also has an internal feature so corporate legal department leadership can see and manage their teams' work - a key factor as remote work continues to increase. LeGuard's constant ...