Rethinking Subpoena Management: Strategies and Tools to Improve your Legal Process Operations


When Sheena Ferarri joined Blue Shield of California’s she noticed that their subpoena response process was very heavy on administration. They relied on spreadsheets to track incoming requests, postcards to acknowledge receipt, and snail-mail to send responses. Needless to …

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Under Pressure: Common Third-Party Subpoena / Law Enforcement Request Challenges and How to Solve

Data-driven Legal Operations Strategy

77% of legal departments are looking to automate business processes in 2021. It’s not surprising, given the fact that remote work is continuing throughout 2021 and the overall trend toward automation in recent years. For most …

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Legal intake and Triage for in-house

A presentation by Kevin Cohn of BrightFlag on the importance of regular Benchmarking…

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Contract AI where to start How far to go

Ever-expanding contract AI systems present legal operators with difficult choices determining what platforms to consider. For example, a Google search for “contract AI software” yields 84,200,000 results. First, how to separate hype from substance. Second, where to start and how …

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