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AI Powered Marketing Compliance
Reduce the time, effort and cost of your marketing legal process

Marketing content
We analyze marketing and advertising content for compliance risk, fitting seamlessly into your legal review process.

Automated webscan reporting services that monitor websites for risky content to meet your unique compliance and legal needs.

Risk detection
Transform manual, paper-based checklists and processes into automated risk detection. Track industry specific requirements and look for complex and specific risks to suit your risk appetite.

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Red Marker Capabilities Spotlight

As the only AI compliance review product available globally to support a scaled, compliance review process, we take feedback from our clients to heart. Our priority is to offer opportunities for efficiency and productivity to legal and compliance professionals around the world and work hard to deliver new solutions to user pain points. We understood that our users were seeking more autonomy within their compliance processes, so we updated the platform with new features like a Google Doc extension and new user management offerings.
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Avoid false advertising with compliance automation

Simply having a disclosure or disclaimer is not enough to ensure compliance with advertising laws and regulations.
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FINRA Compliance

Violations against FINRA and the SEC regulations are on the rise. Enforcement could cost millions in settlements, litigations or a ban from the brokerage industry entirely.
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Navigating Global Marketing Compliance in Financial Services Advertising

Despite a global pandemic, enforcement of regulatory penalties never slowed down. In fact, it accelerated - fines from FINRA, for example, increased 43% year-over-year in 2020.
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Risk Detection for Legal Compliance

Efficiently manage risk in legal and content review processes to meet today's complex compliance requirements.
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