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Pramata is a better, faster, easier way for B2B companies to get instant access and insights into every customer agreement. We let you skip the heavy manual efforts, so you can effortlessly manage your contracts. With ZERO data entry, AI-tagging or complicated workflows.

With Pramata’s best-in-class contract repository, your legal team can enable self-service for business teams, find and manage risk across your agreements, accelerate deal cycles, and track obligations, effortlessly.

Companies understand 95% of the relationship happens after the deal is signed. So visibility into complete, accurate data across all your customer contracts is critical—for negotiating agreement terms, answering customer questions, improving renewals, and mitigating risk.

Our proven approach eliminates contract management headaches and complications that slow down decision-making. Pramata gives you the centralized, searchable contract repository you want and the accurate answers you need in seconds.

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Pramata Repository as a Service

Pramata’s Repository as a Service (“RaaS”) solution is a different approach, built specifically to give companies centralized, highly secure, self-service access to the key information buried inside contractual documents without all the heavy lifting.
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Pramata Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find everything you need to know about Pramata’s effortless contract management system. See a full list of common questions and answers.
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Pramata Introduces Effortless Contract AI

Pramata, announces the launch of its next-generation Effortless Contract AI. The powerful engine behind Pramata’s Repository as a Service (RaaS) offering—a revolutionary approach to managing contracts. Pramata is the only company in the industry to offer an essential combination with RaaS, that extracts actionable insights from contracts with 99%+ accuracy.
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