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Onit was founded in 2011 by legal tech pioneers with a mission to transform how large, complex companies and their legal departments operate. The company has grown to nearly 500 employees around the world serving nearly 600 corporate customers, including 35% of the Fortune 100. Onit provides a wide-range of software solutions built on its Apptitude workflow platform and powered by its AI platform, known as Precedent. A few examples include:

Enterprise Legal Management
Software that analyzes legal spend, minimizes company risk & drives process efficiency.

Contract Lifecycle Management
Software that empowers legal and business teams with end-to-end automation of their entire contract management process.

Legal Service Requests
Software that provides businesses with an intelligent, self-service portal to initiate a request for the legal department.

Software that uses artificial intelligence to quickly draft, review, redline, and edit all types of contracts.

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AI Based Contract Management: What to Look For and How to Get Started

In a recent survey from Deloitte, 71% of in-house lawyers reported that they’re stuck doing manual work that should be automated. By eliminating time spent on manual work like emailing or updating spreadsheets, they can dedicate more time to higher-value endeavors for their companies. AI based contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions offer many benefits, such as reducing the time spent on contracts by 20%, accelerating contract review by up to 70% and increasing efficiency by 52%. Find out how.
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The Power of a Platform: Building Corporate Legal Influence Across the Enterprise

In recent years, corporate legal departments have seen a shift in expectations for how they conduct business. Gone are silos and limited interaction with the rest of the organization. In their place is the desire for self-service for low-risk requests, enhanced responsiveness and increased transparency. No-code business process automation platforms and business intelligence platforms powered by AI are making this happen. Find out how.
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Improving Productivity and Efficiency with AI-Assisted Contract Review and Drafting

Reviewing and drafting contracts take up to 70% of an in-house legal department’s time. It’s labor intensive work when handled manually, often relying on multiple systems, document formats and reviewers. However, when artificial intelligence and automation are applied, the results can be drastic. This white paper examines the impact of AI and automation on the entire contract management lifecycle and how lawyers can dramatically streamline many intelligent activities typical of contract work, such as redlining, comparing clauses to corporate standards, and ensuring that fine details comply with corporate policy.
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