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Morae Global Corporation is trusted worldwide by leading law firms, legal departments, and compliance executives for the delivery of digital and business transformation solutions from our offices across four continents. Our digital transformation solutions include Enterprise Legal Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Document Management, and Legal Hold. Our business transformation solutions include Strategic Advisory, Discovery Services, Legal Managed Services, Risk and Compliance Services, and On-Demand Resourcing. Morae differentiates in the market through the strength of our technology partnerships and our unparalleled experience working with clients for the delivery of high-quality consulting, implementation, change management, and support engagements.

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Case Study: Transforming Service Delivery - Reshaping a Multinational Publishing and Education Company’s Law Department

Challenged to serve its business clients faster and more efficiently – while reducing costs – the Pearson legal department went on a transformative journey to move from a highly bespoke legal services model into a more standardized and streamlined way of delivering support to the business. Now, Pearson takes a process-driven and technology-enabled approach to everything from contracts to business advice. The results have been the same quality of work at significantly lower cost and higher velocity. In recognition of the achievement, Association of Corporate Counsel has named Pearson and Morae as co-champions for the 2020 ACC Value Challenge Award. Read this case study to learn about the journey Pearson took to achieve this outcome.
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Case Study: Contract Automation for Transformative Results - Redesigning the sign-and-execute process for contracts at a customer experience software company

Genesys was previously using tools that were unable to meet their contract management needs. The complex operation was hampering their ability to be as efficient and effective as possible. Lacking features that would enable a more fluid process, including better data analysis, streamlined uploading and increased visibility, Genesys was ready to move on to a more robust solution. Genesys selected Morae as their partner for the implementation of a new contract lifecycle management (CLM) system. The CLM solution that was implemented by Morae has increased the speed at which contracts are signed and the level of service the company is able offer their customers. Read this case study to learn how Morae worked with Genesys through each and every step of creating their new solution.
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