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We live in a world where data is no longer information. It's noise. In fact, 97% of all data that gets swept up in the dragnet of disputes and investigations is completely irrelevant. Pure noise. And that noise is making discovery an expensive, complex, and insecure nightmare. That's why we built Logikcull: to cull the noise so you can quickly, affordably, and securely find the data signal. With Logikcull, corporate legal teams, law firms and government organizations of all sizes are able to organize and cull the noise by simply dragging and dropping—for fully automated, end-to-end discovery and legal holds. That's why it's the go-to discovery platform for more than 1,500 organizations and 38,000+ users worldwide.

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The Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery

Everything you wanted to know about eDiscovery, but were afraid to ask. The Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery is a powerfully simple overview of eDiscovery, early case assessment, legal hold, and more, that's relied upon by thousands of legal professionals every year.
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Discovery and Investigations in Slack

Chat is taking over. Slack, the massively popular messaging system, is changing the way we communicate. But legal teams are used to documents, not chat rooms—and the chat rooms are taking over. Today, if you’re only dealing with emails, you’re missing half the story. But how do you even review Slack data when, until recently, virtually no discovery platform was capable of handling it? Download this guide for a comprehensive overview of Slack eDiscovery that's been relied upon by thousands of legal professionals.
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Corporate In-Housing Survey

Logikcull’s Corporate In-Housing Survey gathers data from more than 40 corporate legal professionals and organizations, whose businesses represent a combined 2 million employees and one trillion dollars in annual revenue. As their candid responses show, corporate in-housing is increasingly changing the way that discovery and litigation are handled today. Download your copy to access benchmarking data on: + The typical in-house litigation docket + The most effective cost control measures + Managing outside counsel discovery costs + The greatest barriers to in-housing And much more!
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