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A company’s contracts are its most important data asset. But most companies don’t know what’s in their contracts, and don’t have an easy way to find out. This blind spot costs billions per year in exposure to risk, lost efficiency and value leakage.

Knowable combines self-learning artificial intelligence with domain experts to map complex statements into simple, highly accurate answers of what’s in your contract—no matter the size, location, or format.

Enterprises have little visibility into how thousands of executed contracts govern their business. One simple question can take weeks to reconcile across a company’s portfolio. The inability to answer these questions quickly and confidently exposes the company to risk, lost efficiency, and value leakage — all of which can cost billions of dollars.

Knowable gives unparalleled visibility into all of your contracts by making them easy to find, filter, and analyze in minutes with 98+% accuracy guaranteed.

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The Missing Link in Contract Management

There are 3 billion words in the average Fortune 500 company's contracts. How are you going to read them all? When you don’t know what’s in your contracts, you can’t understand or effectively manage your rights, obligations, risks, and opportunities. Each time a business question arises, a legal expert must find, assemble and read numerous documents to find the answer. Contract management requires a fundamental shift from text to data - something CLMs alone cannot do. Download this whitepaper to find out what shifts companies need to make to keep up in a data-driven world.
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Best Practice Guide: The Eternal Cycle of Data Privacy Compliance

What if there was a better way to manage the endless wave of data privacy requirements while making it faster and cheaper to comply each time a new rule emerges? With new data privacy regulations changing almost every year, organizations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in repapering contracts to meet regulations. This year can be different. Download this guide to learn how to: Slash costs while meeting project goals and tight timelines Eliminate scoping inefficiencies, shorten negotiations, and demonstrate long term compliance without redoing the work Develop a systematic, repeatable process for portfolio contract management beyond data privacy projects. ⚠️The new EU deadline for SCC compliance is fast approaching on December 27.
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Maximizing CLM Value with Contract Data Management

This blog post is the third in a series of articles setting out what Contract Data Management (CDM) is and how it differs from, but also complements traditional Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) in powerful ways. This post looks at how CDM can significantly augment and de-risk CLM deployments to help deliver vastly superior outcomes by addressing some of the most common CLM implementation challenges ahead of new deployments.
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Contract Management: The Importance of Looking in the Rear View

In the 1981 film, “The Cannonball Run”, a driver gets in his Ferrari, yanks the rearview mirror off of the windshield, and throws it away declaring, “What’s behind me is not important!” While they would never say those words, the behavior of most companies demonstrates that they have precisely this same attitude towards their commercial contracts. With their teams, policies, processes, and technology investments almost exclusively focused on the “next negotiation”, they fight doggedly over every dot and tiddle during the negotiation process and require painstakingly-detailed approvals for every non-standard term, but as soon as an agreement is finalized it disappears into the abyss of undisciplined behaviors, inadequate technology, and general indifference.
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