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Josef is a no-code legal automation platform used by the world’s best in-house teams to automate day-to-day tasks like matter intake and triage, answering FAQs, and drafting common documents.

With Josef, any in-house team can easily create and launch their own legal bots to save time on repetitive tasks, improve the client experience, and focus on higher value strategic work.

With Josef’s easy-to-use no-code platform, in-house teams no longer need to wait for big budgets or capacity from IT to implement automation projects.

Simple documents and workflows can be automated in a matter of hours, and many teams progress from kickoff to launch in a few weeks.

Learn how the best legal teams use Josef to automate intake, contracts, workflows and advice, and manage data. In-house teams can easily build out legal documents, intuitive smart forms, and interactive bots. Work smarter with Josef’s dynamic flowchart, calculations, and integrations – powered by an advanced logic engine.


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