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ContractPodAi®, the leader in contract lifecycle management, streamlines processes across the full spectrum of in-house legal teams’ workloads — with One Legal Platform. Harnessing the combined power of the IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure AI engines, and shaped with modern legal design thinking, we are defined by constant innovation. ContractPodAi Cloud, our pioneering legal platform, is deployed for legal and non-legal users, for end-to-end legal management. It includes a smart repository, easy-to-use templates, guided workflows, auto-document generation, collaboration tools, e-signatures, third-party document review, AI analytics, reports, and alerts and reminders for important dates. Ultimately, ContractPodAi helps you manage the entire legal lifecycle of your business — any use case, any document type, any scenario.

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ContractPodAi Cloud provides you with complete visibility and control over the legal lifecycle of your business. Download brochure to learn more.
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