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CobbleStone Software

CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise is the leading contract management software (CLM) solution for organizations around the world. CobbleStone's contract management software automates and streamlines the entire contract lifecycle for legal, procurement, sales, and risk professionals in numerous industries. CobbleStone combines a user-friendly interface with advanced VISDOM® artificial intelligence and machine learning. CobbleStone is the trusted CLM provider for thousands of contract management professionals.

Resources & Articles

Whitepaper: Make Your Case for Contract Management Software

Many contract management professionals and contract administrators see the value in contract management software. Your challenge is to position that value in a way that matters to key decision-makers who are positioned to approve your contract management software recommendation. This free guide will help you translate the value you see into value that stakeholders can clearly see.
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Whitepaper: Introducing AI Into Contract Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already sharpening professional best practices across a variety of industries – including contract management. Read this free whitepaper to learn how revolutionary advancements in AI are extremely advantageous to contract management solutions - if corresponding AI tools are fed a nutritious diet of contract data.
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Whitepaper: The 8 Critical Stages of Contract Management

Managing many contracts can be complex and time-consuming. Combined with an inefficient contract management process, you face the risk of missed opportunities and compliance issues. There's now a better way to manage your contracts.
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