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RFPs for legal services are normally cumbersome, time-consuming, and hard to analyze. BanyanRFP makes running RFPs to hire outside counsel painless.

BanyanRFP’s expert consultants are fueled by a patented, cloud-based solution that streamlines the RFP process. Recognized by the Buying Legal Council for its industry-best-practice work, BanyanRFP is driving great results for its clients. On average, clients realize a 30% spread on proposed fees each time they run a process.

Designed specifically for procuring legal services, BanyanRFP is well-suited to execute matter-level RFPs, reverse auctions, practice-area refreshes, and significant panel reviews. For the majority of our clients, we manage the process from end-to-end: from drafting the RFP to interacting with the law firms to providing a top-line analysis of the results, while keeping the client informed along the way.

BanyanRFP is always turnkey, efficient and effective.


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