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SimpliContract Technologies

Compliance Software

SimpliContract is on a mission to democratize contracting and establish powerful contract management practices using the power of Artificial Intelligence. We help in-house legal, sales, finance and procurement teams across the contract lifecycle and enable effective collaboration for internal and …

Red Marker

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AI Powered Marketing Compliance
Reduce the time, effort and cost of your marketing legal process

Marketing content
We analyze marketing and advertising content for compliance risk, fitting seamlessly into your legal review process.

Automated webscan reporting services that monitor …

Pramata Corporation

Compliance Software

Pramata is a better, faster, easier way for B2B companies to get instant access and insights into every customer agreement. We let you skip the heavy manual efforts, so you can effortlessly manage your contracts. With ZERO data entry, AI-tagging …


Compliance Software

A company’s contracts are its most important data asset. But most companies don’t know what’s in their contracts, and don’t have an easy way to find out. This blind spot costs billions per year in exposure to risk, lost efficiency …


Compliance Software

Looking for a way to elevate your department’s legal operations? CSC’s comprehensive and flexible suite of tools enables you to control costs, increase operations efficiency, foster collaboration, and improve outcomes. We offer end-to-end Matter Management and eBilling solutions that are …


Compliance Software

Checkbox is an award-winning drag and drop platform that empowers legal teams to automate tedious manual processes and scale the delivery of legal services to the business. Solutions are created and deployed in hours, not months, and streamline matter intake …


Compliance Software

Aavenir’s next-gen Source-to-Pay suite revolutionizes age-old procurement processes by using the latest Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to reduce cycle time, yet offering insightful best practices suggestions based on historical data. For example, Aavenir’s Contractflow – Contract Lifecycle …