Being Disruptive: How the founders of Axiom and Knowable turned the world of legal right side up.

The legal industry is one of the last major frontiers in the world economy still in its technological infancy. The challenge of effectively creating and adopting technology in the legal space has translated into stubborn budget growth, unhappy service consumers, and a lot of pain and suffering for the lawyers themselves. Axiom co-founders Mark Harris and Alec Guettel, saw an opportunity to modernize the law and started by creating two new categories that have permanently changed the legal landscape.
In 2000, they attacked the human talent side of legal, essentially creating the ALSP category with Axiom Law, now a multi-hundred-million-dollar enterprise serving over half the Fortune 100. Today, they’re running a similar play on the tech and data side with their contract data management and analytics platform, Knowable – which is already changing the way enterprises manage executed agreements and leverage the priceless data buried in dense legal language, enabling legal ops teams to leverage insights that drive profitability and risk management in ways never before possible.
Moderated by the Head of Legal Operations at Facebook Akshay Verma and Legal Operators Founder Colin McCarthy, find out what Mark and Alec saw in the market 20 years ago, how they see the landscape today, and what they anticipate coming down the pike in the decade ahead.

How Legal Ops Can Learn & Leverage the Language of Business

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From Inside Out: How to Build Internal Processes that Optimize Outside Spend

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Data-Driven Diversity: The Growth of Transparency, Accountability, and Tension in Legal DEI

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Automating MSAs and schedules with no-code

Automating MSAs and schedules with no-code While Master Service Agreements are used to simplify future business relations, processes are often hindered by confusing audit trials, messy re-drafting, and time-consuming approval processes. With Neota’s no-code automation platform and our pre-built modular MSA Product, corporate legal departments can easily implement a seamless end-to-end MSA workflow. Create, negotiate,…

Hire Learning: Finding Ideal Ops Candidates in an Insanely Competitive Market

Hire Learning: Finding Ideal Ops Candidates in an Insanely Competitive Market

Indeed currently lists a whopping 3700+ job postings for full-time legal operations professionals in the United States alone. The hiring market, as with seemingly every other function, is almost unprecedentedly competitive. So how do you find and hire the ideal candidate? And what can you do to stand out from the pack and attract the best talent? In this roundtable conversation, Sarah Flint, Director of Legal Operations & Technology at Hubspot, Mike Russell, Head of Global Legal Operations at Expedia, and Ashly Suedkamp, Director of Legal Operations at ServiceNow, share their guidance for identifying, sourcing and hiring the right candidates for your growing teams. This session will also touch on how to think about organizational structure in general, and making the case for new hires.


Sarah Flint, Director of Legal Operations & Technology | Hubspot

Mike Russell, Head of Global Legal Operations | Expedia

Ashly Suedkamp, Director of Legal, Government Relations, Ethics and Compliance Operations | ServiceNow

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Beyond the Buzz: Getting to Know the Real Impact of AI on Legal Ops

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Should I break up with my CLM?

Join Lucy Bassli, Founder & Principal at InnoLaw Group, Stephanie Corey, Co-Founder & General Partner,
UpLevel Ops, and Colin Levy, Director of Legal at Malbek, for a riveting panel on 2/16 at 11 PM PST, in
which you’ll get their hottest takes on how to approach common CLM problems and most importantly,
when to call it quits and look for a new solution.

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