Beyond the Buzz: Getting to Know the Real Impact of AI on Legal Ops

By 2024, legal departments will have automated half of their legal work related to major corporate transactions, according to Gartner. Artificial intelligence (AI) and prescriptive analytics, in particular, have long been trumpeted as being “transformative” for legal operations. But why exactly should legal operators digitize entire processes with this advanced technology? Join Colin McCarthy from…

Should I break up with my CLM?

Join Lucy Bassli, Founder & Principal at InnoLaw Group, Stephanie Corey, Co-Founder & General Partner,
UpLevel Ops, and Colin Levy, Director of Legal at Malbek, for a riveting panel on 2/16 at 11 PM PST, in
which you’ll get their hottest takes on how to approach common CLM problems and most importantly,
when to call it quits and look for a new solution.