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From Automation to Innovation: Leveraging ChatGPT with CLM

April 20, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC+0

With the recent unveiling of ChatGPT, the world is absolutely buzzing with the implications of this revolutionary new development in AI and its universe of potential uses in CLM.

Join us for a dynamic and engaging session, hosted by Legal Operators in partnership with Malbek, where we will explore:

+ How generative AI (ChatGPT) works and how to leverage it in contracting to be more efficient and productive.

+ Common misconceptions about AI and its potential impact on the legal profession, especially the longstanding fear of AI replacing humans.

+ Real-world examples of how Legal Operations professionals are already using AI to automate routine tasks and gain valuable insights.

Whether you’re a seasoned legal ops veteran or just starting out in the field, this webinar is a must-attend event. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how AI is transforming the legal industry as well as practical tips for leveraging this technology in your work.
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Josh Kubicki, a pioneering force in the legal industry, combines design and entrepreneurship to modernize the way law firms and in-house teams operate. As the architect behind the award-winning @Richmond School of Law’s Legal Business Design Hub, Josh imparts invaluable knowledge and differentiating skills to aspiring legal professionals. He also curates The BrainyActs, a daily newsletter shedding light on Generative AI’s potential in the realm of law.  His career includes serving as Chief Strategy Officer for a leading AMLAW 100 firm, and working within Verizon‘s general counsel office.

Matt Patel COO and Co-Founder at Malbek
With nearly two decades of CLM and legal tech experience, Matt Patel has a passion for modernizing contract lifecycle management through process optimization and innovative technology. Matt aims to solve complex business use cases with the highest level of customer satisfaction. As COO and co-founder at Malbek, Matt is focused on delivering AI-powered CLM tools and essential integrations to bring contracts into the digital age.

Colin Levy, is Director of Legal and Evangelist for Malbek. His legal career focuses on the intersection of business, technology, and law. Colin is a well-known and passionate advocate for legal technology.