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Rethinking Subpoena Management

Subpoena Management
Learn more about challenges facing legal process managers and emerging technology trends in subpoena response management, including streamlining subpoena process…
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Building Best Practice Legal Spend Reporting

Legal Spend
Legal Spend Reporting should  improve Operational Performance and Strategic Resourcing
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The Rise of Digital Operations Platforms

Workflow Automation
How to automate your legal department for the real world focusing on the results your organization needs, versus what products are in the market.
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Know Your Obligations (KYO) - Tracking Contractual Obligations for SaaS Contracts

Tracking obligations for SaaS (Software as a Service) Contracts can be tricky as multiple service providers are involved for different types of services. With the current economic scenario, contract performance,…
Oct 28, 2021

From Inside Out: How to Build Internal Processes that Optimize Outside Spend

For those that review their law firm and vendor bills each month and think “we got a great deal!“, this roundtable talk isn’t for you. But if you’re looking to…
Nov 4, 2021

Data-Driven Diversity: The Growth of Transparency, Accountability, and Tension in Legal DEI

Corporate law departments are under increased pressure—from the C-suite, their boards, and society—to reflect the diversity of America both internally and with their outside partners. What are forward-thinking companies doing…
Nov 4, 2021

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